Capability profiling at BAE Systems - CITI
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Capability profiling at BAE Systems

BAE Systems

Project Management capability development is a priority for our business, hence the need to ensure that our senior PM community are offered a process to support their personal development planning

BAE Systems ensures that all its senior leaders undertake an annual performance and development review. This policy applies to the project and programme management team just as it does to other areas of the organisation. As this is a highly specialised area, BAE commissioned CITI as the acknowledged experts in the field.

CITI has developed a tried and tested method and model for capability assessment in the Project and Programme management community. Our model covers all of the ‘core’ aspects of the relevant roles but is flexible enough to allow BAE to add their own capabilities.

We used our model as a basis for the ‘diagnosis-development’ process sessions. These mini-workshops focus on:

  • Supporting individuals in exploring their development needs
  • Encouraging them to take action

BAE Systems has deployed the CITI assessment process to provide their senior PM practitioners with information that can enable them to identify opportunities to strengthen their professional capability. The outputs offer people an independently assessed personal benchmark against best in class. The clarity and objectivity of the feedback is an important enabler for BAE to guide effective personal development planning.





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